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Location SMS Widget has been built as a Safety prevention method!
It will either send a predefined template with your location as a Google Maps URL in a SMS or create your own custom template!

- How to use?
Add a widget on your Home Screen
Click on the widgets 2 times (by default) and an SMS template will be sent to the number of your choice with your location on Google Maps.

Features & technologies:
- Checks between Wireless, GPS and cell phone signal, which has the best accuracy and which has the most recent location and will send it to the emergency number or another number that you can enter manually.
- Enable / disable phone number prompt after clicking on Widget
- Enable / disable timestamp in messages
- Set default phone number
- Set default template
- Enable / disable GPS
- Set location check interval
- Switch widget design from an icon to a text button (Change button's text and color)
- Set widget click time interval
- Set number of clicks

- How to configure?
Click on the settings button in the Menu
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