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I was using the Kinect Joint Angles 1.0 (old software), how can I view my action on Kinect Joint Angles 2.0?

  1. Download Kinect Joint Angles 2.0
  2. Start the software (If you encounter any problems, do not hestitate to contact us at
  3. Click on Converter in the menu bar
  4. Browse for the file that you want and click convert
  5. The file will be exported to the Converted folder in the Application's Startup Path with a PHSSKAM extension.
  6. The PHSSKAM files can be viewed in the ActionViewer.

NB: It is only possible to convert coordinates from the Kinect Joint Angles 1.0 to Kinect Joint Angles 2.0 for now.

You can convert from MSRC-12 & MSR file formats to PHSSKAM using the Convert utility.
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