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The package includes 3 folders:
Dependencies: the files taken from the Microsoft website for the Kinect
MatrixVector: a library for working with the Vectors and Matrices
SkeletalTracking: contains the Solution

Video, CSV and XML export :
The following folders are created in the application startup path:
Export : contains the XML and CSV files
Video : contains the recorded videos

Software sections:
- Angles :
(x,y) , (y,z) and (x,z) angles according to the joint
y-axis: the rotation of the body according to original Z-Axis of the Kinect

- Kinect : 
Fixing the Kinect elevation

- Export : 
Recording and export to CSV or XML
Start recording: creates the files
Stop recording: saves and closes the files
Record Count: current file number for recording

Most important function and classes :
JointAngles.cs: Joint angles are calculated from the following 14 Joints:
HipCenter : 3 DOF
ShoulderLeft : 3 DOF
ShoulderRight : 3 DOF
ElbowLeft : 1 DOF
ElbowRight : 1 DOF
WristLeft : 3 DOF
WristRight : 3 DOF
HipLeft : 3 DOF
HipRight : 3 DOF
KneeLeft : 1 DOF
KneeRight : 1 DOF
AnkleLeft : 1 DOF
AnkleRight : 1 DOF
Head : 3 DOF

Further information will be available very soon
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