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This software, coded in C#, allows users to calculate the Joint Angles by capturing the data from Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Kinect for Windows. The code has been made available for download and public use under the MIT terms license.

Please keep in mind the following points while using the software:
- The calculation of the angles is not exact considering the error from the Kinect coordinates.
- The code has only been tested on Microsoft Kinect for Xbox and Microsoft Kinect for Windows.
- The software is still being programmed, if you notice any errors please don't hesitate to notify us at

- Joint coordinates conversion to angles and export:
Converts the joint coordinates to 2 angles and export them to a custom format, which is viewable in the ActionViewer.
- Export Skeleton data to XML:
Exports the Skeleton coordinates and Joints Angles to XML.
- Convert from Kinect Joint Angles 1.0 to Kinect Joint Angles 2.0 file format
- Start and stop the export with voice commands: "START" & "STOP"

- .Net Framework 4.5
- Microsoft Kinect
- Microsoft Kinect driver

For any questions, comments or suggestions please email us at:
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